Adventures in Indonesia - A Flower That Brought Me to Suci

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Hi there,

It’s Jen here and before I share a story from my trip to Indonesia this year, I’m announcing that BVOY & Co. turns 1 years old!

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Now, let’s jump into my September adventures to Bogor, Indonesia. On the morning of Day 3, I wrote in my BVOY Travel Journal, “I can’t control everything in my life but I can control my attitude. My mindset for today’s adventure is… Create your own experiences and don’t settle into your comfortable old ways.”  

On this day, my sister and I visited the Botanical Gardens. A man with his family noticed we were tourists and frantically told us to go see a rare flower that blooms for 7 days only once every 3 years. He pointed in a direction of a woman and said to go ask her to point it out for us.

You never know what opportunities lay ahead. But if you want it, go out and put yourself out there.

The woman’s name is Suci, she is 26 years old, and lives in Bogor. She seemed bright, smart, and kind, so after we chatted about the flower, Bogor, and ourselves, I built the courage to ask if she wanted to hang out with us around the garden and then to eat lunch together. Her eyes lit up with excitement and off we went!

During my evening reflection, I wrote in my journal, “With each new experience I want to keep improving. The lesson I’m learning today is… You never know what opportunities lay ahead. But if you want it, go out and put yourself out there. Stand out in the open so that your chances of hitting an opportunity are higher. I want to explore more and meet local people. I didn’t think it would happen but by going to the Botanical Gardens with an open mind and heart, by chance, we met Suci.

I want to take this travel lesson back with me as we continue to grow BVOY & Co. I want to put myself out there to find opportunities and grab onto them. I want travellers to know about the BVOY Travel Journal, to partner with creators and entrepreneurs in our community in meaningful ways, to connect with more travellers by listening to their stories, and to share insightful and thought-provoking content that inspires people to grow mindfully. Each day presents a chance for us to learn little by little and it’s up to us to create those opportunities for ourselves to continue on our BVOY & Co. pursuits.

How about you? What opportunities do you want to create for yourself?