Blocking outside noise to define your own happiness



It’s Jo here and I want to talk to you about something that has been on my mind lately. I watched a TV series called “Love Is___” which was inspired by the directors’ real life story. Their love story was far from perfect as two people with very different lifestyles. From the outside, their relationship seemed like it would never last. I was so curious about how this whirlwind of a love story would end up to be “successful” in the end.

I resonated with the fact that things don’t always go the way that you want them to go…or the way society, friends, and family says it should go. I resonated with the characters who had all of this outside noise that they had to block out in order to find happiness and peace within themselves. I saw similarities not only with my own love stories, but also in other aspects of my life such as my career. There are always people telling me how THEY think things should go.

The show and the directors’ vision for it reminded me that you have to define success (and love) for yourself, not based on what other people think is right. Everyone’s journey and situation is different so how can we expect it to look the same as other’s? I’ve learned that I have to listen to what others are telling me but ultimately make an informed decision for myself.

When you embrace that things aren’t going to always be perfect you end up finding a level of comfort.

I learned this lesson as well in a different way during a trip to Costa Rica last year. I wrote in my travel journal, “With each new experience I want to keep improving. The lesson I’m learning today is…When you embrace that things aren’t going to always be perfect you end up finding a level of comfort.” I look back at this now and interpret that level of comfort as inner peace.

I learned that lesson at the time because a couple things didn’t go as planned on that trip. To recap, our first few nights were spent in a not so comfortable hostel, an unexpected hurricane and rain storm flooded the hotel our friends were to get married in, a hotel we stayed in didn’t have water only at the exact times we needed to shower, and I almost got eaten alive by black flies. Despite these situations the trip was filled with love, friends, and new experiences which to us meant it was worthwhile.  

We launched our BVOY Travel Journal a couple weeks ago and one thing I’m determined to keep in mind during this journey is to define what success looks like for us. Things may not always go as planned but things will always happen as they should.

With love,


BVOY & Co.