Update #3 - Delivery Timing

It has been 12 days since we've launched this campaign and we’ve already learned some valuable lessons and continue to keep testing and learning. The support we’ve gained so far from family, friends, and the Kickstarter community is really valuable to us and it’s important for us to stay transparent with our backers throughout the process.

Before we launched, we thought by this time we would’ve had great traction and enough early backers for us to feel confident in securing our manufacturer’s minimum order quantity of 500 units. We were originally really set on taking that risk because we thought the travel journal would have been a great gift for our backers to give over the Holidays! However, after monitoring our progress, we made the tough decision to hit Pause on putting in the full order and waiting until the campaign end date to see if we reach our funding goal. As you may already know, Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing model where we don’t get any of our backer's pledges unless we’ve reached 100% of our goal.

As a result our Early Bird rewards will be shipped in January 2018 instead of December 2017.

We are sorry to disappoint our early supporters who had intended to give their journal as a holiday gift. As backers don’t get charged until the campaign goal is reached, we wanted to be upfront early to give our backers a chance to adjust their pledges. Better yet, if you were planning to gift the journal, we can happily design a greeting card with the details of the BVOY Travel Journal and email it to you to print and gift to the receiver. You can simply reply to this update or email us (creators@bvoyco.com) to let us know if you’d like a greeting card!

Our next steps will be to message all of our backers who ordered Early Bird rewards individually to inform them of the changed ship date, update our Kickstarter page with the new dates (unfortunately we are not able to edit the reward information but we will be clear on the main page), and inform our manufacturer of the date changes. We’ll also be focusing on reaching out to influencers and raising awareness of our campaign in the  remaining 30 days to ensure we reach our campaign goal! 

We thank you in advance for your understanding and as always, we will continue to be transparent and open along the way :)


Jo & Jen