Update #6 - Lessons in Marketing & Selling

There’s 12 days left to our campaign and we’re at 25% of our funding goal. We wanted to share with you 5 things we’ve learned so far: 

  • Reaching out to our family and close friends: Instead of pitching our product, it’s more effective to pitch ourselves. Since they aren’t our target market, the product’s value proposition won’t resonate with them. Once we switched our pitch to share what this project means to us, our family and close friends were more willing to spread the word on their social platforms. 
  • Sharing across our personal networks and social platforms: We were afraid of annoying people if we pushed content that was too directed at just selling. A family friend, Ashleigh, gave us advice to stand behind and believe in our brand’s mission. Her advice helped us get out of our own heads and think about the problem we’re trying to solve with our product. 
  • There’s a give-and-take relationship with social media influencers: We learned that we need to get crafty to figure out what value we can bring to them in exchange. Is it money, a free product, unique content, or promoting them on our pages in return? Since we’re new creators without free product nor a large budget, we can’t offer much. So we learned that we shouldn’t rely too much on this medium. 
  • Attending events: With slower progress in online marketing, we wanted to mix it up by attending an event called ‘She’s the Boss’ which was hosted by CuratedLife.ca at Ryerson University. We discovered a supportive community with people willing to share our project in their own networks. We’re learning that as creators, we also want to share and support other creators as well. 
  • Our @bvoyco Instagram strategy evolved: Our original Instagram strategy was showcasing an aspirational travel lifestyle. However, we gained feedback that our page should show an aspect of self growth too. Since then, we’ve added more elements of self improvement in the captions. Just recently our Graphic Designer, Mikie Jae, graciously offered her help in creating a more visually cohesive feed and mixing in more mediums like video clips and quotes. So there will be more to come!

So what’s our priority for the remaining 15 days of our campaign? We plan on continuing to post daily on our Instagram, attending more events, and posting on as many Facebook groups and forums like on Hostel pages, tours, and self-improvement pages as possible. A friend from Facebook also kindly reached out who will help us with promoted posts on Facebook and Instagram, so we’ll be experimenting in that space as well! 

We’re excited to see what else we can learn in the remaining days! Thank you again for your continued support and belief in us. If you have any ideas or feedback on our marketing and sales tactics, we’d love to hear from you!

Have an amazing week! 

- Jo & Jen