Update #8 - Get to Know Mikie Jae, the Graphic Designer behind the BVOY Travel Journal

We paired up with Mikie Jae to be our Graphic Designer. She’s an undergrad student at Ryerson University in the Creative Industries program and while she juggled her summer internship, she worked with us on bringing the BVOY Travel Journal to life. Mikie is soft-spoken and thoughtful but through her work, her vision is big. We can’t imagine what the world looks like to her and what goes on in her mind! It’s been an incredible journey learning together as creators. We recently met up with Mikie as a chance to reflect back on our project and learn:

1. Why did you want to work on this project with us? Self-growth is a big part of my life. I believed in your product and what it stood for. For every project I work on, I want to believe in it. I also saw that the journal had an opportunity to grow big.

2. What was the biggest obstacle you faced on this project? I had over 200 pages in Adobe InDesign. I just needed to make one last change before you could send it to your manufacturer to begin the sampling process and my file crashed! I couldn’t get it recovered so I had to start over most of the work. While re-doing the work, my mantra was “suffer now and relax later” lol. For next time, I will save my work and back up my files!

3. What is advice you would give to other Graphic Designers? I initially projected that it would take me 1 month to complete the journal from start to finish but it ended up taking me 3 months. The reality is most projects cost more and take more time. My advice is to add more buffer time to my timelines. Work hard in the beginning and manage your time well!

4. Do you have any funny memories about this project? Yes! I went out on a Friday night for drinks. I came home at 4am and continued to work on the journal! 

5. What is your biggest learning? Be more attentive to detail. I could have saved a lot of time by double checking the drafts to save the back and forth on edits.

6. What did you enjoy about working with us? You were the ideal people for me to work with. You both were flexible, organized, understanding, and willing to help. I also liked how you would send me an email to recap our meetings with next steps. 

7. What advice would you give to us as new creators? (Be honest! We want to learn!) Look into your resources and find what’s available to you. Surround yourself with other entrepreneurs (Ryerson has all these groups like the DMZ who can help you). Build the hype for your Kickstarter. Also look for Ontario grants for entrepreneurs, there’s free money everywhere that you can take!

8. What’s next for your travel adventures? I want to try couchsurfing. My past trips have been very planned and I think couchsurfing will let me meet interesting local people and force me to get out of my comfort zone. Vacation can be over romanticized and I want to travel in a way where I get to know how people actually live and experience the reality of a place. 

9. What’s next for Mikie Jae as a creator? I want to keep working on projects that I believe in. I want to work on projects where my personal values and interests line up. Whether it be part-time jobs or internships, I want my work reflect myself.

This is Mikie. You can find her on Instagram  @miksjae .

This is Mikie. You can find her on Instagram @miksjae.

We love working with Mikie so much and it’s been such an honour working with her. She’s super talented and we can’t wait to see her career continue to grow. 

You all seriously need to check out her on Instagram at @miksjae to see her feed and see what she's working on! 

With gratitude,

- Jo & Jen

    BVOY & Co.