Update #9 - Our Wish Remains True with 2 Days Left to Go

We have 2 days left and it’s tough to say that we likely won’t hit our goal. It’s been an exciting and challenging 42-day campaign but most importantly one that has taught us a lot.

We truly believe that the BVOY Travel Journal will keep you intentional before, during, and after your adventures for enriching travels on your journey towards being the person you envision. Whether or not we hit our goal, our belief in this remains true. 

With this being said, we want to send you the full PDF version for free to print at home for your upcoming travels. When our Kickstarter officially ends, we will send you instructions to get the PDF of the BVOY Travel Journal for free. 

This won’t be the last of us! Before our campaign ends, we’ll end off our Kickstarter campaign sending you our personal behind-the-scenes recap of our year as creators. Later on, we’ll be reflecting on our entire year and setting our next goals for 2018 which we will be sharing more through our emails. Sign up for our emails at www.bvoyco.com if you want to keep following our future projects.

One thing we know for sure, our deepest desire for our BVOY & Co. brand is to make people feel inspired during their pursuit to being a better version of themselves. So expect a fun project related to that mission!

Thank you again for your belief and support in us and our idea. Can’t wait for you to use the journal and talk soon!

With gratitude, 

Jo & Jen

BVOY & Co.