Update #12 - 8 Months Later... Journal is Ready to Order!

It’s been around 8 months since you supported our Kickstarter campaign for the BVOY Travel Journal which ended without the full funding we needed to hit GO on production. Since then, we took a pause… In January we started reading A LOT of articles to get inspiration for our next steps to grow the BVOY & Co. brand centered around making people feel inspired on their pursuit to becoming a better version of themselves. During that time, we came across people who wanted to order the journal for their upcoming 2018 travels. So in April, we decided to revisit the BVOY Travel Journal. We went full force at gathering constructive feedback from friends, revamped the prompts and design, and ordered a limited supply of journals. Now the journals are HERE and ready to be ordered!

It was a risk we were willing to take and decided that it would at least give us opportunities to attend various events about transformative travel and meet knowledgeable people in that space.

If it’s something you’re still interested in for an upcoming trip, to gift to a friend, or simply to support our long-term vision behind our brand to make people feel inspired towards their pursuit to becoming a better version of yourself, we invite you to visit our shop page at www.bvoyco.com/shop.

Sometimes we travel to seek clarity, direction, or meaning in life, however we don’t end up getting the epiphany we were hoping for. The BVOY Travel Journal is a tool that guides your thoughts and intentions before, during, and after your trip to ensure your experience is enriching and productive.

Thank you for supporting us this far on this journey! We’ll be sharing more of our personal travel stories through emails. If you haven’t already subscribed to us, you can submit your email address on our website at www.bvoyco.com.

All the best,

Jo & Jen