Update #4 - Tate's Story Testing our Journal in South America

Here’s a story about our friend Tate, one of our testers of our BVOY Travel Journal prototype. If you met Tate, you’d quickly feel like you’ve already been lifelong friends because his welcoming personality will make you feel at ease to share your authentic self. After graduating University, Tate planned to travel for 2 months around South America. He hoped that his time away from home would give him new perspectives and a sense of direction in his career.  

While he travelled, we were constantly thinking of what he was doing and writing, and whether his journal would give him the guidance he needed to ensure his travels were productive and enriching. 

When we met with Tate to hear his thoughts on our journal, we were so happy to hear that he felt his BVOY Travel Journal kept him mindful each day. He was more conscious on the trip and took something away from each day. Tate said he would definitely use the BVOY Travel Journal for his next trips too!

Here is Day #4 of his journal which is the day he stayed in Quito/Cumbayá another day instead of going to Otavalo for a day trip. 

Day #4 of Tate's BVOY Travel Journal Prototype

Day #4 of Tate's BVOY Travel Journal Prototype

In the morning, he wrote in the morning section that his mindset was simply, “peace”.  This day was dedicated to take it easy and just chill before taking a day trip to Otavalo. He researched that Otavalo Market was a must-visit location, especially for Alpaca sweaters.

While he was in his hostel, a girl invited him to charge his phone in the common area instead of his room. Usually Tate would stay in his room out of comfort and appreciation for being alone, but he had committed to being more social in the Travel Focus charts of his BVOY Travel Journal. After a second thought, he reminded himself of his travel goal and decided to push himself to take up her offer. Little did he know, this small quick decision was just the beginning of being friends with a group of travellers at the hostel. His new group of friends wanted to stay in Quito and Tate decided to go along with them instead of heading to Otavalo as he had originally planned.

Tate looks back now and tells us this was one of the days that stands out to him most in his travel memories. Although he didn’t get to visit the Otavalo Market as he had expected, he still ended up getting his Alpaca sweater in good company of other travellers who helped him pick it out. In his ‘The lesson I’m learning today is…’ section, he wrote “It’s ok to change plans last minute and do spontaneous things. Live and experience while I’m young!” and the thing he felt grateful for that day was “people…good people”.

Here is Tate and his Alpaca sweater! (Instagram @tatebrombal)

Here is Tate and his Alpaca sweater! (Instagram @tatebrombal)

We’re so thankful to Tate for staying dedicated to our project by carrying our 200 pages secured together by 3 ugly office clamps for 2 months! His story keeps us motivated to make our idea a reality, where we can get stories from travellers around the world sharing the things they're seeing, people their meeting, and their life aspirations.

Yours Truly,

Jo & Jen

P.S. Here is a picture from the day we met with Tate to hear his travel stories.

Tate Jen Jo.JPG